Foodstagrams are back

as proclaimed on TikTok, 2024 is giving 2016 energy

It no longer takes two to tango with Simmer. On Sundays, use Simmer to plan your cooking schedule for the week. You can see all the recipes you want to make in the upcoming week and get all the ingredients you need during your weekend grocery run. Try it out yourself here.

The cutest video I saw this week!! I wish I learned how to cook like these adorable Chinese Kindergarten students. I come from a family of chefs, but I didn’t get the Gordon Ramsy-esque genes like my sister. In college, my “cooking” consisted of heating up frozen Trader Joe’s orange chicken on the stovetop. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own post-grad that I figured it was time to learn this very important life skill.


Chinese kindergarten cooking class #chinese #kindergarten #cookingclass

I had eggs, a Trader Joe’s Turkey burger, and Rao’s marinara sauce left in my fridge. Food waste is no bueno, and I hate wasting money by throwing out my groceries, so I made a “clean the fridge” Loco Moco. For daily meal ideas & inspo, follow on Instagram. I update IG stories in real time with home-cooked meals.

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