Happy Valentine's Day!

celebrate love with SImmer

Whether you're celebrating yourself, hanging with gal pals, or living a love story (baby, just say yes!), have a lovely Valentine's Day!

The fact that it’s always almost impossible to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day should tell you that it’s unoriginal. Cook at home together with Simmer.


Wifey Fettuccine??? Recipe: Cook 8 oz fettuccine in salted water Season ½ Ib shrimp with salt and pepper Add sh... See more

D.A.T.E (Simmer’s Version)

Data: Flowers are the third most popular Valentine's Day gift. Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on flowers this year.

Advice: For Valentine’s Day this year, Americas are expected to spend 8.1% more than last year on restaurants and dining. Consider cooking a romantic dinner together to avoid the high costs of a night out.

Trends: Gen Z is finding their romantic partners in real life. 40% say they were close friends or friends with their partner before they became romantically involved.

Expertise: To get to a simmer, wait until your water boils to reduce the heat to medium or low. You should still see a few tiny bubbles making their way to the surface. Once your water is at the proper temperature, you’re ready to chef it up!

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The first person to send me an invite code this week and complete a cooking date-swiping session with me gets a gift card to their grocery store of choice!!! Congrats to Britney for being last week’s winner! Here’s what we got.

With Simmer, you and your date get on the app and separately select your preferences for meal type, food/cuisine, dietary, prep, mood, time, and difficulty of recipes. Next, you’ll each swipe through the ingredients. Then, you’ll receive three custom recipe recommendations that align with your shared tastes. Happy cooking!


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