How I met my boyfriend & co-founder

tacos at my place?

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Spicy Beef and Cheese Enchiladas, Vibrant Veggie Burrito Bowl, Mango Shrimp Tacos, or a personalized recipe just for you on Simmer.

Speaking of tacos, I thought it would be fitting to share the story of how Ben and I met. If you’re new here, I’m Ashley, and my boyfriend Ben and I are building Simmer together. We met on a dating app and cooked tacos together on our first date. Before you come for me about cooking with a stranger on a first date, there’s more to the story (I’ll save it for another time). We started our date by walking through the Seattle Center and looking at the holiday lights. We walked through the whole thing in 20 minutes and decided it was probably a good idea to get some food. This was Covid times and you needed a reservation to go anywhere. So Ben said want to make tacos at my place? And the rest is history ❤️‍🔥 

We love to cook together, but we were always whipping up the same meals. We’re both techies, so creating a cooking/recipe app seemed like the natural solution to help us achieve our goals of cooking more. The swiping element of Simmer is inspired by dating apps and is a representation of our love story. We hope Simmer helps you make special memories with the people you love.


@Hinge 🖤 success story time! #dating #seattledating #dateideas #cooking

As humans, we have intrinsic needs for food and connection. We believe food is a love language, an art form, and a cultural statement. We hope Simmer is the community that inspires you to express yourself, discover and learn more about the world, and find joy in the art of cooking.