Strava for Cooking & Dating Fortunes

today's your lucky day!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Incorporate these fun green foods in your cooking for good luck and fortune 🍀🌈💰

What’s Next?

Help us vote on which feature we should publish on Simmer next! Dating fortunes or Strava for Cooking?

What if you could get fortunes based on what you and your person like to eat? Similar to Myers Briggs and Enneagram personality quizzes. We’re thinking of adding Spice horoscopes to Simmer, where you’re assigned a certain spice based off of your Simmer preferences and swipes. For example —

Paprika - The Fiery Optimist - Full of warmth and fire, Paprika is the life of the party. They are optimistic, vibrant, and have a contagious enthusiasm. Most Compatible with: Oregano, as they both share a love for vibrant and rich experiences.

Cinnamon - The Sweet Dreamer - Dreamy, sweet, and comforting, Cinnamon is the one you turn to for a warm embrace. They are nurturing, imaginative, and often lost in their thoughts. Most Compatible with: Ginger, for their shared warmth and zesty undertones.


what if you could get dating horoscopes based on what you and your person like to eat 💭 #dating #horoscopes #compatabilitytest #coupleswhocook

What if we had Strava for cooking? You can track your cooking goals and stay accountable by sharing with your friends. We’re thinking about adding this as a part of Simmer’s social feed. You set your goal behind cooking (ie. learn a new skill, save money on eating out, pursuing a healthier lifestyle), and you can share photos and progress of your cooking endeavors and/or compete in cooking challenges.


food for thought 🍕 #strava #cooking

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The first person to send me an invite code this week and complete a cooking date-swiping session with me wins a gift card to their grocery store of choice. Congrats to last week’s winner, Martha! Here’s what we got 🙂