Swifties on Simmer

Spring Rolls, Sweet Potato Ice Cream, and Soda Barbie

TTPD dropped and so did a cute video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cooking together at home. This is your sign to cook together at home with those you love.

Roll into Spring…spring roll-making party! Learn how to make spring rolls with me.


roll into spring with spring rolls 🌸 #springrolls #healthyrecipes #healthydinner #easyrecipes #easyrecipe #themedparty #themedpartyideas #fyp

On day 21 of my refined sugar-free challenge, I’m coping by experimenting with new dessert options. The latest find from Simmer is a frozen sweet potato “ice cream.” No added sugar or dairy. Simply sweet potatoes and some natural sweeteners like honey. Is this a new category of food?? Like the Olipops and Poppis of the world disrupting soda?

Speaking of Olipop, I saw this Barbie-flavored Olipop at the store!!! I’ve been enjoying it on its own and in mocktails.


Hi Barbie!!! @OLIPOP @mattel #olipopbarbiepeachesandcream #psa #fyp

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BLT BABYYY 🥓 🥬 🍅 #asmrcooking

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